- Oct 30, 2016
Belek-Antalya (Turkey)


On behalf of the Turkish National Committee on Large Dams (TRCOLD) it is my great pleasure to invite you to participate to the 10th European Club Symposium to be held in Antalya, Turkey during 25-30 October 2016.

Antalya, where the 67th ICOLD Annual Meeting took place in 1999, is the “capital” of the Turkish Mediterranean Coast and Turkey’s biggest international sea resort, located at southwestern Turkey on the Turkish Riviera.

Antalya is a sprawling modern city with a small, charming historic center, a good archeology museum, long sunny beaches to east and west, the Turquoise Coast’s busiest airport, good hotels, lots to see and do, and dramatic sea and mountain views. In 2013, it became the third most visited city in the world by number of international arrivals.

Under the leardership of the General Directorate of State Hydraulic Works (DSI) and with the participation of the Turkish dam constractors and consultants, TRCOLD welcomes EuroCOLD to Antalya for a fruitful and successful meeting to lead our community to the next level of perfection where the state-of-art meets under the theme  “Dams for Sustainable Development” where subjects like dam rehabilitation, financing of dam projects, environmental/social impacts+climate change and dam safety aspects of dam engineering will be discussed.

Together with the Technical sesseions and the seminars, an Exhibition and a technical visit will be organized. In addition to the technical visits, cultural, historical and touristic trips will be organized based on the requests of the participants. We are preparing a program where you can live a colorful and unforgettable memories.

For spouses very interesting and colorfull programs will be organized and after the symposium, post tours will be offered to various parts of Turkey having a combination of technical, historical, touristic and cultural aspects.

Let’s enjoy the 10th European Club Symposium together.

We hope to see you in Antalya.