5th Asia – Pacific Group – International Symposium on Water and Dams (APG 2019)

- Dec 11, 2019
IRIB International Conference Center
Tehran - Iran


Introdution to Symposium

Asia-Pacific countries own significant number of dams, almost half of dams in the world, some of which are under construction or rehabilitation. In the years to come, many more dams will have to be built throughout the region.
The engineers, builders and owners of dams in the region are facing many common issues with regard to the planning, licensing, design and construction of new dams, and also in the operation, maintenance and rehabilitation of the existing dams.
With that in view, the engineers, builders and owners of dams in the ICOLD affiliated National Committees of the region,  have decided to constitute an organization – Asia-Pacific Group of ICOLD National Committees – established in 2002 with the purpose of encouraging cooperation and exchanging information, experience and opinions concerning dam related subjects among the different nations in the region.


  • The aims of the Asia-Pacific Group of ICOLD are achieved by fulfilling the following objectives in relation to dams in the Region:
  • Transferring and enhancing knowledge, experience, technical cooperation among Asian-Pacific national committees and raising public awareness of the region;
  • Promoting research and sustainable management in the field of water and related issues through regional co-operative arrangements;
  • Creating an Asian-Pacific Dam Network with the purpose of exchanging related data and information, standards, lessons learnt and practices;
  • Building capacity for the sustainable management;
  • Enhancing the understanding of different aspects of dams; as well as to disseminate scientific knowledge to stakeholders and decision-makers and to contribute to policy and on-the ground water management;
  • Activating the Asia-Pacific Working Groups, according to the specified mandate of the club;
  • Planning a biennial Asian-Pacific symposium on dams and related issues;
  • To undertake training and promoting scientific and professional basics in related issues and exchanging staff between member states.


  • Stress on Asia-Pacific water resources pinned by rising demand from users;
  • Food growers compete for water with households, industries, power plants;
  • Better resource management, investment, technology urged to avert crisis;
  • Economies in the Asia-Pacific region cannot sustain their present dynamic growth “unless water is brought into the equation” as the region faces a “crisis” in securing and managing the prime resource.