79ª Reunión Anual de ICOLD

Lucerna 2011

- Jun 03, 2011
KKL Luzern Culture and Convention Centre
Europaplatz 1
6005 - Luzern, Suiza

Dear Guest

In the name of the Swiss Committee on Dams (SwissCoD) we are pleased to welcome you in Lucerne at the occasion of the 79th Annual Meeting of ICOLD. This event will give you an unique opportunity to discover the geographical heart of Switzerland, but also its historical birthplace, as the Swiss Confederation was founded here more than seven hundred years ago.

Switzerland has a long experience in the design, construction and operation of dams essentially for energy purpose. Almost 60% of the electricity consumed in the country is produced by hydro
schemes, either as high head storage facilities or run of the river plants.

Our organizing committee has put together an attractive program, that will allow you to get acquainted with our country and with some recent Swiss projects in the fi eld of dams.

The meeting will take place in the famous Culture and Convention Center of Lucerne, but you will have also many opportunities of enjoying the sceneries in and around the city and its lake. The full day Symposium will address the major concern of dams and reservoirs facing changing challenges and we are expecting lively presentations and discussions on this subject.

The technical visits will focus on the planning and realization of new hydro schemes in the Swiss Alps requiring the construction or the heightening of dams.

We trust that the 79th Annual Meeting of ICOLD will give you a good opportunity of renewing old friendships and establishing new ones, last but not least by participating in one of the pre- or postmeeting study tours, leading to various parts of Switzerland and also over the border to landscapes and projects in Austria, Germany, Italy and France.

We are looking forward to seeing you in Lucerne in the Spring of 2011!

Prof. Dr. Anton Schleiss
Chairman of Swiss Committee on Dams

Marc Balissat
Chairman of Organizing Committee