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Dear Colleagues,

The ICOLD NEW DELHI 2020 Annual Meeting initially planned for April then postponed until September has been further postponed until:

April, 2023

This further postponement of our ICOLD 2020 Annual Meeting is necessary due to uncertainties with international travel surrounding the COVID-19 Pandemic.  This delay is also in consideration to our ICOLD National Committees and individual members for time to allow proper planning.  While we see some countries beginning to open very slowly on a path towards normal business operations and travel, most experts are warning that the time frame for recovery from COVID-19 may extend from three to six more months.

India has been very aggressive in fighting COVID-19, but still they have been hit hard.  Our INCOLD National Committee is confident that given this further extension of time before ICOLD 2020 until November, their country will be fully ready to support our conference.  For our part, my wife, Kristin, and I remain extremely anxious to return to New Delhi for this important conference and see our ICOLD friends once again.

I want to thank INCOLD and the whole of ICOLD for your commitment in these difficult times. I know that many ICOLD Technical Committees have continued their work using on-line conference meetings.  Thanks to all of you, our important ICOLD work continues and we will be even stronger following this terrible pandemic. My message to our ICOLD family is that I urge you to continue to remain strong in this adversity and care for yourselves and your families.  I am waiting to see you again in New Delhi, though it will be a little bit later in the year than expected before we meet, but the joy will be all the greater!

Please continue to be safe and remain healthy and I will see you soon.

Michael ROGERS
ICOLD President