- Oct 17, 2018
Gdansk - Poland


It is just a week until HYDRO 2018, which opens in Gdansk on 15 October. There is still time to register if you have not yet done so. With around 1000 delegates already registered, and as Gdansk is one of the most beautiful cities in Europe for tourists, hotel room availability is now limited. So if you are planning to join this world hydropower gathering and have not yet booked, you should book on-line as soon as possible: www.hydropower-dams.com/hydro-2018 (then press ‘Register’).

About 80 nations will be represented at HYDRO 2018, including several new delegations this year, as well as more participants from Central and Southern Europe, and Central Asia. This will enrich the discussions about countries with significant hydropower development plans ahead.

As usual, there is a varied programme, focusing on advancing hydro programmes in less developed countries and development opportunities worldwide. Speakers from leading countries for hydro development feature prominently; and owners and operators will exchange experience with engineers from nations that have future plans to implement. Reflecting the conference theme of ‘Partnerships for Progress’, there will be sessions on transboundary collaboration, capacity building, and the development of international waterways for the benefit of neighbouring countries.

A pre-meeting roundtable for large hydropower owners and operators, on Sunday 14 October, has been organised by Itaipu Binacional; its General Directors will participate, along with senior officers from Three Gorges in China. There is no charge for this side event, but those interested should contact us as soon as possible about attendance. The focus will be on exchanging experience on practical issues relating to operation and maintenance. This is a rare opportunity for discussions with the operators of the world’s two largest hydro plants.

Sessions during the conference will cover a wide range of technical, financial and environmental topics, designed to help turn policies and plans into practical achievements.

The HYDRO 2018 Technical Exhibition, where lunches and refreshments will be served each day, will showcase the latest innovative products and services from the international hydro industry.

The organisers, supporting associations and Polish co-hosts look forward to welcoming you to the picturesque city of Gdansk.

As the leading article in Issue Five of Hydropower & Dams journal and several conference presentations will show, it is an ideal time to be locating HYDRO 2018 in Central Europe. Plans are taking off to link waterways in the region, which will provide new opportunities for run-of-river hydropower; future developments could benefit Poland, Czech Republic, Slovenia, Ukraine and Romania.

More information about the conference, exhibition and tours is available at: https://www.hydropower-dams.com/hydro-2018/register/.  The Final Bulletin, containing the full programme and registration details, can be viewed and downloaded here.

If you have any questions about the technical programme, please contact us at: Hydro2018@hydropower-dams.com

For questions about registration, hotels, tour bookings, etc. please contact ASK Event Management at: Hydro2018@askeventmanagement.com

We look forward to welcoming you to Gdansk in October!

Kind regards

The Aqua-Media conference team

PS. We are also pleased to announce that our next event in this series, HYDRO 2019, will take place in Porto, Portugal (14-16 October 2019). Please mark the dates.

Visit our new website today: www.hydropower-dams.com

The following three things have come to our attention:

Emails have been circulated by an organization claiming to have a list of our delegates, with contact details, for sale. This is of course a scam (which has been used with other industry events). We do not divulge delegate details to a third party.

Accommodation bureaux have approached some of our exhibitors, claiming to represent us, about hotel rooms. We strongly advise against giving your card details to these companies. We provide hotel bookings only through our on-line registration process via ASK Event Management.

A commercial Russian organization has hired a room close to our venue and is seeking to organize a discussion during (rather than before or after) HYDRO 2018. We were not consulted so that a more suitable time could have been arranged. This has caused some confusion in the industry, so we would like to clarify that this is not part of our organization or of HYDRO 2018, and we have no connection with this organization.