17º Congreso Internacional de Viena (1991)


Viena 1991

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17th Congress Vienna

Question 64 Environmental issues in dam projects.
  1. Contributions of dam projects to meet human and environment needs.
  2. Environmental evaluations: biological, geophysical, political, social, economic and financial, etc., and water quality.
  3. Operational appraisal: case histories and comparison with original objectives.
  4. Public awareness.
Question 65 Ageing of dams and remedial measures.
  1. Detection of ageing.
  2. Evaluation of ageing process and its consequences.
  3. Remedial measures to mitigate the ageing process.
  4. Preventive measures in design, construction and operation to limit ageing process.


Ageing = changes with time of structural properties of dams (geometrical and physical-mechanical, hydraulic, thermal, etc.) Which influence the structural safety, occurring under normal operational conditions.

Question 66 Dams on difficult foundations.
  1. Effect of difficult foundations on dam design and construction (water-tightness, stability, liquefaction, etc.)
  2. Unusual treatment of foundations.
  3. Foundation behaviour on first filling and during operation.
  4. Unsatisfactory behaviour of foundations: remedial measures and results.
Question 67 New developments for fill dams and fill cofferdams.
  1. Design and construction considerations of low quality fill materials and impact of extreme weather conditions.
  2. New use of man-made materials for reinforcement and drainage, excluding impervious elements.
  3. Design for overtopping and flow-through.
  4. Special problems with fill dams in narrow valleys.