22º Congreso Internacional de Barcelona (2006)


Barcelona 2006

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22th Congress Barcelona



Technical solutions to reduce time and cost in dam design and construction.
  1. Time and cost reduction by innovative and design criteria for river diversion.
  2. Innovative foundation design and treatment thus reducing uncertainty and contingencies.
  3. Unconventional cross sections and use of materials in dams
  4. Savings in designing new spillways or upgrading existing ones.
  5. Innovative approaches towards dam layout, implementation program and other provisions.



Management of the downstream impacts of dams operation.
  1. Water releases and safety procedures for downstream areas.
  2. Warning systems.
  3. Releases and environmental impacts downstream of dams.
  4. Observed impacts on the environment and ecological systems.


The Question is exclusively related to impacts and risks during operation of dams which could include large flooding releases for the maintenance of downstream ecological systems.

Consequences of dam failures and of operation during extreme floods are not included in the Question.

Some aspects related to water quality such as problems of fish may be included.



Safety of earth-and rockfill dams.
  1. Dam safety classifications for levels of safety and regulations.
  2. 2) Risk assessment and criteria for acceptance.
  3. Prevention, remedies, safety measures against overtopping by extreme floods, jammed gates, landslides, etc.
  4. Breach formation, initiation and progression.
  5. Prevention, detection, corrective measures related to seepage.



Flood and drought evaluation and management.
  1. Evaluation and re-evaluation of floods and droughts for large and small catchment areas. Influence of climatic changes. Review of criteria for design or upgrading of dams and spillways.
  2. Flood and drought forecasting and contingency plans.
  3. Flood and drought management by existing or new dams.
  4. Various solutions for improving the hydrological and hydraulic safety of dams.